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Through Rasafa Muhendislik Company, we seek to provide the most appropriate engineering solutions through our specialized engineering cadres and technical teams on the field.

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About Rasafa Muhendislik

Solutions to Rely on

RASAFA Engineering Company is a multidisciplinary engineering company (mechanical - electrical - and construction). It was licensed in the Engineers Syndicate, RASAFA had done a lot of consulting studies and was responsible for many projects implemented in the private sector - private residential buildings in addition to the Implementation of lots of projects such as water towers and building schools, in addition to sewage canals work, rehabilitation, and maintenance mechanical and electrical works of sugar and yeast factories.
RASAFA was licensed in Gaziantep, Turkey since 2017.
Delivering projects with the best expertise in the fields of: Measuring, supplying, and implementing solar pumping stations.

  • Studying and implementing blueprints for engineering projects such as the construction and rehabilitation of water pumping and power stations.
  • Constructing mills, ovens, and water tower
  • supplying engineering laboratories, water, and sewage network equipment
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Dr. Marwan Al-Khatib

Wash Projects' Consultant

Dr. Marwan Al-Khatib

Wash Projects' Consultant

Hani Shawerdi

Solar Systems Consultant

Hani Shawerdi

Solar Systems Consultant

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